So, there’s talk on the…actually I won’t lie, I saw this tweet from Chris Kohler, Feature Editor at Kotaku that made the claim that Final Fantasy 7’s boss “the Scorpion” was too challenging to deal with. I poked fun at it on Twitter but afterwards I started thinking about it more and realized that we may see an influx of this sentiment from people within the gaming industry.

For context, here’s the tweet in question:


Apparently, his major complaint was that he had to multi-task extensively in order to fight the Scorpion Sentinel in the demo. Wether he beat the demo or not is unclear at the moment but one thing’s clear, he wasn’t paying attention. I played the demo myself and I will admit that the Scorpion was a challenging boss, but not difficult. Multi-tasking is kinda what we gamers do on a constant basis. Above all else, Could and Barret’s chit-chatter was the game’s way of telling you how to beat the boss. Had he paid attention to that, maybe his time with the game would be more favorable.

The only reason why I’m even bringing this up to people’s attention is because of his position. He’s an editor at Kotaku, so gaming seems to be his “field of expertise”.


Playing and/or talking about games is technically his day job, and so if he’s in a position to review the game (should he chosen to do so by Kotaku), could very well end up unfairly deducting points from Final Fantasy 7, simply because he was incapable of multi-tasking and/or beating the first boss. Make no mistake, people are allowed to express whether a game was difficult for them or not, however there’s something to be said when you’re having troubles in a demo, especially one that basically held your hand and told you what to do to in order to beat the scorpion sentinel boss.

I’ve also scoured then internet to see if people shared in his sentiment, and well, I can say that that’s not the case. Many praised the game on everything really, and even enjoyed the challenge that Final Fantasy 7’s first boss offered to them. It’s obviously not Dark Souls levels tough, but people do enjoy a little challenge that’s not as gruesome and unforgiven as the Souls series.

You guys know I’ve talked abut my concern with the inadequate state of gaming journalism for years now. This is concerning to me, the game was not that tough, and I myself rarely play games that often these days. It’s something to keep you eye out on come this game’s release, because if they found the first boss difficult, then damm, they’re not gonna make it far into Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I’m not trying to attack this guy but I had to highlight it. Let me know your thoughts on this matter.


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