Artemis Fowl, a series about an anti-hero boy genius has been warped by Hollywood into something entirely different than the source material, once again bringing up the question as to why it’s so difficult for Hollywood to just be faithful to the source material.

I’m not even trying to be smart or anything. I’m genuinely perplexed by this departure from the source material that essential has given them the code to make a great movie that fans would storm into the cinema to see. It boggles the mind how they could mess it up this bad. Watching the trailer, Artemis Fowl tone is completely different from the tone in the books, almost as if he’s a good-tushu kid out to save the world. Fans of the books know that that’s not the character of Artemis Fowl in the first book.

I’m quite curious how this film will fair with fans of the books. Truth be told it “could” end up being good, kinda like how some books to the films have turned out alright in the past, but then again, I was hoping to see an anti-hero turned hero on the big screen.


Not only that, you could argue that if you took the Artemis Fowl name away from the movie trailer and slapped some other generic name to it, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s an Artemis Fowl movie.

Even if the film does do well, and I’m kinda sure it will, it’s honestly a slap to the fans. Ironically, the creator Artemis Fowl is fine with the change, so I guess the market target are not the fans who bought and read the books but maybe they’re targeting new fans who haven’t read the books yet, given them the ability to drag the story on if it does well, but I digress. To help understand why I’m so puzzled and annoyed, here’s a synopsis of Artemis Fowl in the books:

Artemis initially displayed a cold, ruthless, and almost psychopathic nature, compounded by his surety in his own intelligence. As the head of a disintegrating criminal empire, he presented a controlled, cruel, and manipulative personality.

Now take a look in the trailer and tell me if you get that vibe from watching it!

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