So, outta nowhere, Square Enix decided to drop the demo fro Final Fantasy 7 remake and well, I have to say it’s a lot of fun.

I have never played the original Final Fantasy 7 so I went inTO IT semi-blind knowing only the premise of the story. I didn’t know what to expect but I have to say overall, it’a great game. Visual, it’s outstanding! I’ve never seen a more beautiful looking game like Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I was in constant awe by how drop-dead gorgeous everything looked. The team did a phenomenal job in that regard.

The combat was actually fun too. The last Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy 15, so I was already familiar with that type of action combat playstyle. Using spells and special attacks felt natural and non-intrusive to the flow of battle. It was challenging in a good way, and the mix between switching and keeping an eye on your teammate’s health kept things interesting.

dims (7).jpg

Now, after saying all of that, I decided that I’d wait for the ultimate edition of the game to come out. As in, I’ll wait for all parts of the game to be released. Now I know for some hardcore Final Fantasy 7 fans who’ve waited for the remake it sounds insane, but for me, it’s basically nothing. I was never waiting for this game in the first place, and I have other games that kinda outweigh it right now too. By the time the last part comes out, the rest of the game should go down in price and I’ll be able to play it at a reasonable price or maybe get it as a bundle special.

Not to say, the current $60 for the remake is necessarily bad, it’s just I don’t want to wait for each part after playing and I feel like I’m being cheated somehow with how the game has been broken up into three parts. I’d rather wait for the bundled ultimate edition, and play it then. And if it comes to PC, even better! Anyways let me know what you guys think of the demo?

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