Dragon Raja, an incredible fantasy mobile MMORPG with absolutely stunning graphics has finally dropped on Google Play and Apple play store, but how does it hold up?

I’ve been keeping my eye on this Dragon Raja for a while now ever since I talked about the future of MMO’s going to mobile, so I was curious to see how a genre like an MMO could translate into a mobile phone while keeping in mind the obvious limitations. Given all of that, I have to say I was pretty impressed with how Dragon Raja turned out. The story and visual of Dragon Raja are pretty good. Especially the visuals, I have to say, if it weren’t for Black Desert mobile, Dragon Raja would probably be the best looking mobile MMO game on the market. Very artistically impressive graphics for a mobile game. That Unreal Engine is doing wonders right now.

The story is alright, pretty generic for the most part but still interesting enough if you pay attention to it.  Essentially, the world is facing off against dragons and it’s up to you and the other chosen characters to fend them off. What makes the story a little more interesting is that it’s all voice acted, which helps with the immersion. Some voice acting is a hit or miss, but for the most part, the overall cast are good. If the story is generic, at least the characters in this world are interesting and likable, with their own motives and whatnot.

The character creation is pretty good, with enough depth to create whatever character you want. And the selling point for this game is that you can do whatever you want. 


There are four classes in the game and they’re all unique, offering a variety of playstyle options. Once you reach a certain level cap, you’ll have to participate in some events to continue leveling up. From answering questions in quizzes to running dungeons, there’s a variety of things to do.

Now the combat is pretty good too. Very intuitive with a good amount of special abilities to use during combat. Dragon Raja does let you set up an auto-combo rotation as well which I appreciate. What really impressed me was how smooth it was running on my phone. I have the Moto G6 so it’s a pretty average phone, nothing crazy in terms of spec and it ran really well. Of course, when you’re in a hub with a lot of people, there’s a slowdown so that was to be expected. There’s also mounts in the game, which you can use to traverse the map. I have to say the mounts in the game all look impressive. From cool ones to the downright silly ones, there’s something for someone.

2 (1).jpg

Dragon Raja has all the expected fundamentals of an MMO, with the addition of a hero collector too, aka a gacha system, all wrapped up in mobile format. I didn’t try that out yet but I’m sure it’s just like any other gacha game out there. You use the acquired heroes to send them out in missions.

The game is designed in a way that you don’t actively play like you would in a PC MMO but more passively, yet not venturing into the realms of AFK. What I mean is that a lot of the stuff you’ll do won’t take up hours per quest or event. The game is leaning towards casual play rather than hardcore. That’s the impression I got playing the game. Yeah, some things will end up getting tedious over time as you get to the higher in levels but it really depends on your tolerance level. In terms of pay to win, well the game hasn’t made me feel like I have to pay to progress so that’s a plus but, maybe in the end game that all will change.

Overall, I think it’s a solid entry for this MMO/Mobile hybrid. It’s a great way to see what the future of MMO and mobile games, in general, will have in store for us.


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