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Put your tinfoil hat bois, cause Kojima has likely just teased something and the Silent Hills conspiracy theories are in full effect.

If you’re still lost about what the hell I’m talking about, basically Kojima tweeted a few hours ago, basically apologizing for been M.I.A.

However, keen-eyed fans started looking deeper into the tweet (this was expected) and spotted numerous clues for a potential Silent Hill teaser, likely to happen next week. Take a look:

Now, here what fans have spotted in this tweet, keep in mind that NOTHING IS CONFIRMED:

  • He used the word “silent”.
  • On his pencil, the word “pyramid” is inscribed.
  • What’s written on his notepad is “next week”.
  • It’s been hinted that his next game is a “horror game”.
  • Kojima and Konami are rumored to be in talks.

Look, the stars seem to be aligning here but it could just be me. Let me know what you guys think of his tweet and everything so far.

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