I’ve heard whispers in the wind that Microsoft’s Mixer, a video game live streaming platform has been on thin ice over the past few months now. Now there are reports that not even the team at Mixer are feeling too sure of the platform’s future.

According to OnMSFT.com,

A Mixer employee who reached out to us, concerned about the direction and fate of Mixer… During an internal Mixer town hall last week, executives spoke to its skeleton crew of employees to address the growing sense of frustration and low morale within the business, unfortunately, their words left a lot to be desired… Shilpa Yadla had been meeting with employees one on one, presumably to assuage fears and concerns, but on stage, her words may have had the adverse effect.

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If the information above is to be believed, this honestly isn’t looking too good for Microsoft’s Mixer. If you recall, Microsoft spent a lot of money buying top streamers from Twitch a few months ago, all in an effort to boost traffic to their platform. It’s safe to say that that strategy did not pan out for them in the long run. The future for this platform is looking grim as the days go on, and honestly, it’s only a matter of time before we hear an update for the shutdown of Mixer, which is a shame considering that Mixer has a lot of features not found on Twitch.



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