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Kindred Fates is an open-world monster battling RPG, and a love letter to the monster battle genre. While many see this game as Pokemon-inspired, my cultured eyes see an inspiration more akin to Digimon.

Kindred Fates is a third person, action combat, open-world RPG looking to evolve the Monster Battle genre. What caught my attention was its battle mechanic, as instead of the traditional turn-based mechanic, we’ve come to know, Kindred Fates take place in real-time. So basically, you take over the monsters in the game known as Kinfolk and control their every aspect. So not only are the types a factor, your skill and timing of moves are vital for success in battle. Not to mention that Branching Evolutions is a thing, where you can choose what version your Kinfol will evolve into using next. Like I said, Kindred Fates is closer to Digimon than Pokemon.


One other aspect that really ties this game closer to Digimon is the fact that not only can Kinfolk talk, but they are also sentient beings and death is real in this game. So bonds are really important in this game. A bond is a special connection you share with each Kinfolk on your team. There are many benefits to having a strong bond with your Kinfolk. They fight harder in combat, can learn new moves, and even become a mount. Getting to know them better by playing games, sharing a meal, talking, or winning in combat will all raise the bond you have with a Kinfolk.

I’m liking what I’ve looked up regarding Kindred Fates. They have a Kickstarter as well so if you’re interested in learning more and want to support, head over there to check them out. After Temtem, we need more games to challenge Pokemon’s throne a lot more.


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