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Why Do People Pay For Onlyfans? The Potential Dangers Of Onlyfans To The Psyche!

Onlyfans has grown rapidly over the past few years, with more and more people, primarily women using is as a means to “sell themselves” online for people who are interested. It’s not the act of selling or exploiting themselves I’m focusing on today, but the reasoning for why many chose to partake in this service, when there’s other ways (free ways) to get access to this type of product.

Usually, this would be out of my lane, but seeing that a lot of cosplayer have availed of this services, it kinda falls in the realm of geek pop culture. It’s a reach but I’m taking it.

Every time I scroll through twitter or instagram, I’m always met with a woman teasing or advertising their Onlyfans to the world. My usual first train of thought is always “why would anyone pay when you can just google it?”. Why pay for nudes of a girl, when a simple google search could give me millions of results within seconds. I never understood it. So I started overthinking it for a good minute, wondering why people (primarily men) would avail for such a service, and the conclusion I came to was rather sad if I’m being honest.

Interaction! These people (primarily men) aren’t paying to see the nudes of a women, (OK they are but there’s more to it, they’re paying for her attention and false affection from these girls.  From what I was able to gather, these people a lonely and want to feel like someone out there cares for them, and rather than just going outside or to an event to meet people, they feel it’s much easier to just pay for that attention, even if it’s just for a moment. Onlyfans highlights one of the key problems in our society, and a rampant one at that.


Let me be clear here, I’m not trying to shame the women that have opened an Onlyfans account to sell themselves online, that’s a whole different topic in of itself, but it is important to understand why such a service can even be this popular with the internet literally hosting a variety of free services that cater to this types of things. Some may argue that it’s their way of supporting someone why getting personalized stuff, but that further proves my point in a sense. They’re doing it to get something in return.

If anything, one could even go a step further and make a case that the women who make these Onlyfans accounts are aware of this “market” and are opting to consciously manipulate these people, all under the guise of “expressing themselves” or “hustling”.

I’ve seen many get angry at the girls for doing it, but technically, the women on Onlyfans aren’t forcing these people into paying. They are doing it at their own free will, but their motive may not be healthy to the psyche on a long term basis.

But that’s just my thoughts and opinion on this, let me know what you guys think of this?

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11 thoughts on “Why Do People Pay For Onlyfans? The Potential Dangers Of Onlyfans To The Psyche!

  1. You seem pretty spot on with their reasoning. Another possible thing could be a sense of exclusivity or in some cases like a cam girl, it could be control. A lot the guys who buy that shit come off as reclusive, and maybe the awkward\incel type of folks.

    The whole interaction thing makes sense and it’s sad honestly but a the same time I don’t exactly feel sorry (for the most part) for the guys who feed into it. I almost feel they should know it’s basically a gimmick, they pay for a false sense of intimacy or whatever they’re looking for. It’s like back in the day where you’d have dudes that would pay to be on a video call or a hotline with a chick who’d act as though she was into them. The difference is that they knew what was up while these modern guys buy into it way too much. As far as this problem of loneliness it might just be a case of the problem being the same size as always but a far bigger spotlight being cast on it because of it being out in broad daylight online. It’s still a problem but people are just noticing. Tbh, it makes me think of the incel shit and a few other things.

    1. Oh yeah, them hotlines were definitely a thing, but I feel with the internet, it’s much more bigger, not just on a spotlight scene but in size as well. But yeah I get you!

    2. {A lot the guys who buy that shit come off as reclusive, and maybe the awkward\incel type of folks.} I don’t think you know what incel mean

      1. Incels, a portmanteau of “involuntary celibates”, are members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one!

    1. I mean, that sentence alone already should’ve lit an light-bulb on your head! It can lead to a desensitisation of what actual relationship could be and is damaging in the long run

    1. Well, it leads to degeneracy for one thing! Society may have started to open up to it, but it’s clear it’s not good in the long run of a human development!

    2. No danger is in physical danger, but is that really what society is devolving toward? Men wasting all their money on women they will never bang? Why not just watch porn for free? Do you really want your daughters to be whoring themselves out online?

  2. This is crazy as hell….. I myself wouldnt spend a damn dime. I mean theres a hell of alot of freeporn sites I mean theres no such thing as a safe pornsite period. But to have false affection with a cam girl when you can just pay a chick smh. I mean you spend ya money bust ya nut get a fantasy fulfilled. But your not really fulfilling ya fantasy its redundant. Shit I can go on xvideos get my rocks off an be good. I mean majority of guys that’s paying for this ain’t linking with a chick on the regular. No lie I told my girl to make an OF just to bank on these dudes. It’s funny asf to hear some of the guys talking to her and her playing with their heads n wallets. I never had or will pay for any porn fuck I got my own collection that I made. idk it’s stupid to me to pay for something you can see free on the net. I am a fan of Lacey Duvall but I’m not gonna spend money just to see her pop her pussy or get fucked. Just my opinion though.

  3. often the type are weirdo geeks, the hoe has interacted after they’ve made some sad ass comment about how beautiful they are.
    Like thanks hun really appreciate it.. wanna see more, then pay you little weirdo, and many do, mostly sad saps and geeks

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