‘If you are conservative, you have no chance’ is the premise that Sophia Narwitz seems to be highlighting when spotlighting how the gaming industry is being led by “a clique of like-minded media figures are colluding to prevent right-leaning journalists and developers from having a voice in the industry.”

I’ve shared my frustration with how gaming journalism has been handled over the past few years, with many outlets choosing to project their own personal politica as opposed to, I dunno, report on games. However, despite all of us seeing and speculating, this is what I believe is the first time we’ve had a journalist outright call them out.

According to Sophia via RT:

“If you were openly a conservative and tried to apply to any of the mainstream outlets that are on the coasts, I don’t think you’d have a chance in hell of getting in,” says the senior source, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions.

“There’s a lot of us that probably think there’s a clique, well, that know there’s a clique,” they say.

The “clique” is composed of journalists from well-known gaming and tech websites: among them Kotaku, Polygon, Vice, Ars Technica, GameDaily, Gamespot, Eurogamer and loads more.

“People won’t write something, or we won’t say anything on Twitter or whatever because you spew one wrong opinion and you’re asking for trouble,” says the source, who has admitted keeping their own opinions private to avoid sanction.

“Unless you don’t care about potential opportunities within the industry, a lot of people just don’t say what they’re actually thinking.”

This is honestly upsetting to learn. I mean, I’ve always kinda known, but to be an actual thing that’s happening within the gaming sphere is disgusting. The articles goes into more details, bringing up examples such as the recent tragic passing of a game developer that sadly took their life over accusations of sexual abuse by feminist campaigner Zoe Quinn. Once again politics seems to be a prime focus for these cliques. They have forsaken integrity for politics and virtue-signaling.

Source: RT
Source: RT © GettyImages / Tim Robberts

Basically, if you’re right-wing thinking or conservative, you chances of succeeding in the gaming industry rest in the hands of those involved within these cliques. They’re on a personal mission, and they’ll take anyone down that stands in their way, masking their tracks with false “moral activism”. Now, you’re probably wondering why many within the industry aren’t talking about this or exposing them a lot more. Well, there’s one word for it: fear!

According to Sophia:

“I think you’d be surprised by how many writers can’t stand the clique in this space. Most won’t say anything because they need the work, ya know?”

They’d also add: “Sounds cowardly, but there’s definitely a lot of fear in this space that people will get cancelled for speaking out against a lot of what’s going on.” 

This is the state of gaming journalism, finally exposed to the world. So, now what? No seriously, many of us have already speculated that this type of behaviour has been going on for years now, and now that we have someone speaking out, what happens next? If i may interject here, they only plausible way to bring these people down is to stop giving them what the thrive on, our clicks.

People often forget just how powerful we are as a unit, and if we can come together, isolate the virus within the gaming industry and purge it by not supporting their work, we could cure the gaming industry before it really goes to hell.

All I can do now is discuss them, bring these issues you guys.  Make you aware of them. The rest is up to the people (that includes me too). Let me know what you guys think of all this.


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