I tried so much to avoid talking about this Sonic vs Birds of Prey nonsense for so long, as this type of behavior is not something I condone, but it’s getting out of hand. Instead of celebrating that we got not only a good Sonic movie for kids to enjoy, but we also got a second great video game adaptation too.

If you weren’t aware, over the weekend, there’s been an attempt made to sabotage the premiere of Sonic The Hedgehog’s movie. False twitter claims, media hit pieces, and the likes started popping up online, all in an effort to undermine the success of this movie.

The twitter fake agenda was sad, but not a big deal in the grander scheme of things. What really got under my skin was certain media outlets outright writing headlines to try and smear the image of the Sonic movie. They have destroyed what little integrity that they had left, all in an effort to push their political view to the public.

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This is dangerous behavior and really should make you wary of who to actually trust when it comes to authentic reviews or anything. I know reviews are subjective, but when you disregard honesty for the sake of virtue signaling, that’s where things get out of hand. Not only that but it proves that people who complain and want things to be handed in a certain way, don’t actually care for the material. Birds of Prey and Sonic The Hedgehog proved that.

The fans spoke and criticized the Sonic movie, the directors listened and they were rewarded for it. Bird of Prey tried to tell the male-dominated demographic of the comic industry that they’re going to be lectured, and they suffered for it.  I hate to say it, but maybe it’s time we go back to just telling great stories and respecting the source materials. And the fact that people are comparing two different genres’ of films, that have nothing to do with each other, only further proves that it was more about spreading an agenda than anything else.

It’s honestly despicable!

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