Could the mid-credits in the new Sonic movie be hinting at a Sonic Cinematic Universe, a SonicVerse if you will? Well, I think so, and so do many others who’ve seen the movie.

So if you’ve seen the Sonic movie, then you’d be aware of the end credit that’s gotten people talking. In the mid-credit scene, we see a young Tails pop out of a warp ring, essentially looking for Sonic as he talks about impending doom. That moment was pretty cool in itself but I feel like this sets things up for a massive Soniverse-like cinematic universe, that spans across all the characters and worlds in the Sonic canon. And lets face, Sonic’s got a lot of lore to work with.


They have established in the film that warp ring was a method afforded to basically all advanced civilizations so we shouldn’t be surprised to see them being used to bringing other characters into the big screen. What I’m thinking about is how the next plotline for the upcoming movie would be centered around the seven chaos emeralds, and possible the Master emerald itself. With the introduction of the Echidnas, Knuckles’ people, and Tails, this seems more likely the case.

I’m personally all for it. Of course, my fear is that they might drag it out like how they did with the Transformers movies, which started out great but then went into obscurity down the line. They could even use the movie as a way to help streamline the games a bit more, help them stay grounded. That last part was just a toss in the bucket, but let me know what you guys think about a cinematic Sonic universe.

Go check out Sonic in the cinemas if you haven’t, it’s a great film which I reviewed here.

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