Bird of Prey recently allegedly bombed during its opening weekend and everyone and their mama have speculated on why it failed so much. Well, not everyone! I haven’t yet so here’s my spicy take. It’s the media and, to an extent Ewan McGregor’s fault that this movie failed so much. Heck, I could even argue that Youtubers played a hand at making the situation even worse for DC. Yep!

I know, who am I to make such a bold claim without any proof whatsoever? Well the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Think back on how Birds of Prey was covered by the media over the past few months. If you can recall, you’d realize that it wasn’t the movie’s  marketers that painted the movie in such an ugly color, in fact, it was the main stream media projecting their own politics upon the movie to “stick it to the toxic fans”, aka white males, or anything straight male for that matter led to it’s demise. Here are some examples for you:

These were just a handful I could find using Google search. DC’s directors may not have initially wanted Birds of Prey to be portrayed in this manner, but they certainly did nothing to sway that opinion. Then you have actor Ewan McGregor adding fuel to the fire, and on top of that when you have eager YouTubers making videos and over-exaggerate the media’s already stupid takes, you have recipe for a disaster. It’s a shame really, Birds of Prey may not have been for me but I’ve heard that the movie’s alright from reviews. Too bad its image has been tarnished by all these politics.

People really went into this film with a heavy dose of political bias from both sides, and no matter what spectrum you lied in, you were ready to shit on it or over praise it without looking at the film’s fundamentals. This timeline sucks. Anyways, let me know what you guys think about all this Birds of Prey stuff!

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