A few people have recently gotten the chance to go and see an early screening of the new Sonic Movie and so far, everyone  seems has nothing but good things to say, which makes me happy!

The consensus from what I’ve been gathering is that the movie is a joy for anyone that is a fan of Sonic, and overall a great family film to watch. It seems that many can agree that the redesign of Sonic The Hedgehog helped lend a hand to making the film that much more enjoyable. Lord only knows how it would have faired with the original design. Here are just a handful of those comments:

Like I said, these were just a handful of the positive comments I’ve seen for the movie so far. This is really making me happy to hear all this. I wasn’t expecting the movie to win an Oscar or anything but just hoped that it’d do the character justice, and from what I hearing, that seems to be the case. Also  after hearing that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie Director had anxiety about Sonic redesign makes it all the more reason why I need this film to succeed, as I talked bout it in my previous Sonic blog.

It’s understandable as he took a major risk, and now it seems to have paid off, so long as we the fans go  and support this film, and the principle for that change. Let me know if you’re looking forward to the Sonic The Hedgehog movie in the comments below. Sonic The Hedgehog will premiere on Feb 14th 2020!

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