Black Sands Entertainment, the popular independent black content developers in the nation (USA to be precise) has recently begun rounds of investments on Wefunder to allow fans and investors who believe in their work to invest and make the company a reality.

Manuel Godoy, the creator of Black Sands Entertainment and Black Sands comic book and his wife, Geiszel, the author of the children’s book “Mori’s Family Adventures” have  recently began the process of offering shares of their Black Sands Entertainment to the public. As of Feb 4th, they’ve have successfully raised close to $400,000 in investment on Wefunder, reaching ever so close to their prime $500,000 target!

Here’s a brief rundown of their business:

Black Sands Entertainment is a black-owned production and publishing company that focuses on Pan-Africanism and Kemetic lore for children of all ages. The brand was launched in 2016 to fill a void in the comic book community that lacks diversity in its production, characters, and storytelling.

ultimate_bundle_800xThe owners, writer and military vets Manuel Godoy along with his wife Geiszel Godoy have created children books, novels and animations that focus on African mythology as black heroes and Black Sands Entertainment aim to promote quality art, diverse storytelling while highlighting traditional family values for people of color. The current projects under Black Sands Entertainment are Mori’s Family Adventure, Sons of Nibiru, and Kids 2 Kings part 1 and 2.

On their Wefunder page, they’ve highlighted all the information you’ll need to get a better idea of their vision, endorsements and their plans for the future, such as plans for various comics, games, anime-like shows etc! Full discloser here: I too have invested in their campaign as I am strong believer in their vision and their product, one of which I have already given a first impression on here. I was not endorsed nor paid to write this blog. Just keeping it real!

I just thought I’d bring it to you guys attention for those who may be interested in supporting Black Sands Entertainment while this round is still open, especially if you liked their work, believe in their profitability and want to see them succeed.

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