Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Series Is Going To Be Bad! Terribly Bad!

You know, at first I thought proclaiming that Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Series is going to be bad without first seeing it in action is a wild stretch and to be honest, somewhat unfair. Then, I remembered Netflix’s Death Note and my affirmative stance for my claim became that much more stronger. They will never be able to do this anime justice!

Anime is a genre that just never translates well into live-action. This is factual, the tech just isn’t there yet. They’ve tried it the past and all of them have failed, yes, ALL HAVE FAILED! Death Note was one of the only anime that could’ve done well as a live-action sereis, but somehow they messed that up too. A pinnacle example of what happens when Hollywood decides to “alter the original work”! And you know they’re gonna alter a whole lotta things with One Piece.


And now, they’ve set their eyes on one of the most popular anime in history, the one with the craziest facial expression and exaggerated body portions out there, and they want to turn THAT into a life action series. Not only that, it’s only going to have 10 episode per season. Interesting!

I have no fate in this project’s success, so to all you One Piece fans out there, prepare a burial ground for your boy Luffy, they got him. Anyways, let me know what you guys think about all of this? Am I being too negative here or is it reasonable for me to assume the worst in this live-series.

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  1. Yeah, I got no faith in this. Like you said, Death Note was an easy manga to adapt but they messed that up. One Piece is pretty much on the opposite side of the spectrum. I’ll consider this DOA.

  2. Nah I think you guys are wrong. Oda is directly attached as an Executive Producer, the writer has worked for the MCU, theres a budget of $10,000,000 per episode. I have faith, dont imply netflx is all the same! it’s a production company not a production team!

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