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The Leaked PS5 Godfall Gameplay Trailer Bares Striking Resemblance to Warframe!

So, I got a chance to see the leaked gameplay trailer for the upcoming PS5 title Godfall and well, I ain’t gonna lie my hype kinda went down a bit. The game reminded me a lot of Warframe, and although that game is great for what it is, it’s not something I expected from a next-gen PS5 game in Godfall.

It’s a 1 min trailer which showed uS a bunch of combat scenarios, but all I could focus on what how stiff the movement and combat was, and how it really bares a striking resemblance to Warframe. It’s like Warframe, but AAA if that makes any sense.


Either way, the hype has gone down a bit. The world does look stunning so I’ll give it that, but I do hope there’s more to the combat than what was shown.

I’m not gonna embed the trailer here, but you can check the link for it here.

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