Yeah, I didn’t think this would ever happen but with Horizon Zero Dawn similar rumored to be announced to come to PC, it really puts it into perspective that someday companies like Sony, Microsoft and maybe someday Nintendo will no longer be interested in creating games that are exclusive to their consoles. It seems investing in a dedicated PC might be the way forward.

Heck, writing this seems surreal to me. I grew up on the notion of consoles having exclusive games to incentivize people to purchase their console over the competitor. However, things seem to be changing. First, despite my criticism of Xbox wanting to bring their games on both PC and the Xbox Series, and now Playstation bringing the MLB and now possibly Horizon Dawn to PC, I’m starting to see what’s going on.

Exclusives aren’t necessarily dead but it’s morphing to something new. The PC platform is basically free real estate. More and more people a building PC’s for game-related things, whether it be streaming, recording or just playing games, that sector is growing. It’s a market that can be tapped and both companies are beginning to realize it.


They’re realizing that they can still provide the “plug & play” option for fans with a dedicated platform to play their favorite games while still keeping it exclusive to that console, and go on to broaden their reach by reaching out to hardcore gamers who primarily play on PC. Everyone gets to play their games while remaining competitively viable.

Now, the strategy may be a bit different from company to company but the sentiment remains, they want as many people to play their games as feasibly possible and the PC market is the best way to expand without abandoning the console war. So don’t be surprised when you start seeing games like Last of Us or Halo Infinite show up on PC years after the games have been released on their respective consoles. The future is looking bright for PC gamers.


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