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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC Will Likely Feature Battle of Gods, Resurrection of F & DBS Broly In Upcoming DLC!

If you’re like me and are debating on whether or not to pick up the new Dragon Ball Kakarot, well I would wager on the idea that the game will likely feature the three canon movies in the game.

Eager fans of the game have begun digging into the game’s file to discover that a certain Saiyan was mentioned in the game. That Saiyan is of course Broly. Now, I’m willing to bet that the game is referring to DBS Broly, the canon one, which would really mean that other movies that are canon to the Dragon Ball world will make an appearance, in turn giving the game that more of a reason to pick it up and play it. I predicted this a while ago, and I’m sure many fans did as well but it’s nice to get that confirmation at least. (Source)


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