This is something I never gave any thought to until a few days ago! As I surf the internet in search of new things to talk about as I do, I started coming across various YouTube videos of people discussing the possibilities of Movie Sonic being used as the new face of Sonic, and their argument for it are quite compelling.

One of the arguments that have been made in regards to Movie Sonic being used as the forefront of the franchise and the new definitive standard for Sonic The Hedgehog is how the story has been simplified and explained in a way that isn’t completely contradicting itself. What I mean is, for the most part, everyone knows that Sonic sometimes occupies both an alien world and a human world in all of his games, depending on which one. However, it was never explained how that was even possible. Shit, even I sometimes pondered how in one moment Sonic is in a world with humans in one game, then the next one he’s in a animal only planet, devoid of all human presence.

It’s also good to note that Sonic Forces, the last Sonic game we got, re-wrote Classic Sonic to make him come across as different dimensional version of Modern Sonic, when in Sonic Generation, they made it abundantly clear that Classic Sonic was the younger version of Modern Sonic. You see, the more I look into this, the more contradicting the situation gets. I’ll link the two vids that I feel explains it more clearly. (Video #1 & Video #2)


They even made a valid point about how the tone of Sonic has consistently shifted from game to game, making it difficult to figure out what Sonic’s identity is all about. Now, I’ll admit, I wasn’t too fond of this idea at first. I mean, replace Modern Sonic’s iconic look? It sounds crazy! However, the more I think about it, the more I’m starting to warm up to the idea. Sonic needs a massive fresh start, and I mean a FRESH START! And with the world similar about to be introduced to this new Sonic, especially to those who are new to Sonic, this may be the time. Now that Sonic has the ability to traverse into two worlds, or multiple worlds in fact, in turn this will prove more fruitful if the movie holds out and does well. It grounds Sonic’s lore and keeps the world building consistent.

It would even explain how Eggman, a human, made his way into Sonic’s world and from the tone of the movie, aside from world domination, movie Eggman seems to be adamantly hunting Sonic to steal his power, reinvigorating their hero-villain dynamic. The movie design also proves to be a plus on Movie Sonic’s side. With how he is designed, it gives the creators or future games more room to animate and show more expression on his face than what they could with Modern Sonic. Plus, I’ve never been fond of the side-mouth thing that Modern Sonic always had. That last one was a pet peeve if anything.

So what do you guys thing? IF, the Sonic Movie does well, do you think it’s time to soft booth Sonic with an all new design going forward or should be continue to pray that the video game world we currently have for Modern Sonic works out. I mean it’s not unheard of for franchises to go trough a soft reboot. The comic scene does that all the time.

Look how the MCU has influenced the characters of the comics. It could work!

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