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Stephen King’s Oscar Diversity Statement About Nomination Is Interesting! It Caused Criticism But He Ain’t Wrong!

Look, I re-read this man’s tweet more times than I’d care to admit, and if I’m being honest, I can’t find a single thing he said that was out of place. It seems to be that his tweets suggest that we should promote diversity based on quality and that considering diversity in matters of art hinders, undervalues and degrades the person who made the art, which makes sense.

What I understood and I’m open for criticism here, is that when creating something, whether it be art, movie or whatever, the quality of the product is what counts. I agree with him on this. I want diversity just like everyone else but I feel like the approach that some people a striving for will only hurt the credibility of those that have earned something, you get me. Here’s what he said to give you all some context:

So lets say, if a writer was nominated for Best Original Screenplay, and she happens to be a Indian woman, people today would celebrated her ethnicity, gender and nationality before celebrating her work, and likely may have voted for her based on those criteria. The Indian woman however will never know for herself if she truly deserved that award or if it was just so that the Oscar could tick of a box. That’s more damaging that people care to admit.

I think, a lot of people took his tweet and interpreted it completely differently. I get where Stephen was trying to say and yeah, the Oscar committee could do a bit better in having more representation but I feel like if a person creates something amazing, no matter what his/her background is, it should get recognized for that quality alone.

I’m glad that Stephen tweeted that comment, it’s important to have these dialogue without resulting in “trying to cancel someone” like the internet is doing now.

One thought on “Stephen King’s Oscar Diversity Statement About Nomination Is Interesting! It Caused Criticism But He Ain’t Wrong!

  1. I can see how people would take his comments the wrong way but it shouldn’t be hard to see that he’s right. If things are going to be judged on quality or overall talent then it’s honestly insulting for everybody involved if the winner is picked or someone is nominated because they need to fill a certain quota. At that point it’s more likely that quality was never even a factor. Personally, I’d be insulted if I won an award just because I’m black as opposed to the quality of my art.

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