With the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, it brings about a new change in the way Game Freaks has handled expanding the games in the past. Despite gruntled fans hate for this pass, ultimately this is the direction that the series needs to head into going forward.

Now of course, I say this now but there are some few tweaks I would make in order for the expansion experience to be a little bit better in my opinion. As many of you know, in the past Game Freak has always done the business practice of releasing a third game after every mainline generational releases, and would charge you full price for almost the same content. This has been an ongoing “tradition” of sort for a while now and fans have never actually had any issue of it, well none that I can remember. However, with Sword and Shield that has changed.

It’s difficulty to say why it has taken them so long to implement this system in the past, but, for whatever the reason was, now they’re looking to take the DLC and expansion approach, which I believe to yield a more positive result for the prospect of these games. Instead of paying $60 for a new game with the same content but slightly altered, now you’ll most likely only have to pay $30 for brand new contents while retaining your save data and progress.


It can be argued however that in Sword and Shield’s case, we’re been resold +200 new and old Pokemon (technically you can get these old Pokemon through trades, but that’s if you already had them in Pokemon Home), which understandably leaves a bad taste in some people mouths but I’m giving them the pass this time around, seeing as this is their first time doing something like this. Of course, going forward, I would like to see them expand on this idea of less selling of the old and more of the new but that remains ti be seen. At the end of the day, the power rest in the hands of the fans.

I’m amazed to see people actually oppose this idea, almost as if they want to pay $60 for the same game again. Sure, you could make the argument once again that these stuff “should” have been free but in my opinion, it always comes down to this, if you don’t agree with something, don’t purchase it, and despite how the community reacted during the National Poke Dex crisis, the game sold insanely well. So there’s that!


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