I won’t lie, My Hero Academia Episode 76 – Infinite 100% basically made up for the lackluster Mirio vs Overhaul fight. My boy Deku went all out and gave us a glimpse of his potential once he masters One For All.

I was very happy with how they handle that fight scene with Deku vs Overhaul. They did an amazing job of combining the flashbacks with action sequences. Not only did it give great context to the struggles that led up to the Eri rescue, but it heightened suspense in some cases.

maxresdefault - 2020-01-11T182429.595.jpg

Now I’m more interested in learning what type of quirk Deku actually has, as it’s clear now more than ever that he had a quirk or sort before inheriting the One for All from All Might. I mean, he might as well have gone super Saiyan at this point with all that lightning and spiky hair. Jokes aside, there’s great potential with Deku’s ability that needs to be explored. I was just happy with how they conveyed the weight of emotion from Deku’s desperation to save Eri and the stakes of it all.

Overall, I was very pleased with the episode, from the animation, ost, and direction of it all.

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