I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz surrounding Dr. Strange: Multiverse Of Madness, so I decided to take a deeper look into it. I learned that Director Scott Derrickson had walked away from the movie after creative differences, aka shit went south!

According to his tweet:

Now, this had a lot of people very disappointed as from what I heard Derrickson wanted to make Doctor Strange’s the first horror-based MCU movie. From how he described it, he wanted to go all out, dipping into the “gothic, the horror, and the horrific”, and my goodness those that sound amazing. Especially with what Dr. Strange is all about, that would have been amazing. However, I guess not everyone is a fan of scaring the massive of traumatizing them. There’s no official word on this but my guess is that Kevin Feige may not like the idea of making people fear an MCU movie, or do anything that could get the movie a possible R-rating.

Marvel is owned by Disney after all so there’s a certain rulebook that the have to follow when it comes to making anything under the big mouse’s house. It could also be that because of the WandaVision having ties with the sequel, ti created some conflict of interest when it comes to certain characters or plot. We may never know the answer to this situation but lets up that this movie still retains the same magic as the first one did without ti’s original director.

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