In gaming news that already old but I still wanted to talk about it, Platinum Games has struck a deal with Tencent.

According to Platinum Games:

The Company has received an investment from Tencent Holdings Limited and has formed a capital alliance. In this capital alliance, there is no change in the independence of the Company, and the management will be led by the conventional management team.


By accepting this investment, we will strengthen our management base, and in the future we will work not only on game development but also on our own title publishing business. In addition, we will continue to pursue the creation of high-quality games unique to Platinum Games, with a view to global business development.

We look forward to your continued support for Platinum Games and thank you for your support.

January 7, 2020 Kenichi Sato ,

Tencent is continuing to expand its reach into the gaming sphere, which in turn is opening the western world to the Chinese market. Now they’ve already assured us that their principal and independence won’t change after working with Tencent but as we saw with how Apple, Activision and the NBA have reacted, it’s impossible to believe that Platinum Games won’t be like that in the future if Tencent continues to buy little by little of these companies. They may say they’ll stay the same but that China’s influence is powerful.

What do you guys think of this deal, is it worth being concerned about?

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