This is a blog I feel may not sit well with most enthusiastic people in the community but I wanted make a blog highlighting what consoles people should invest in if they only want to purchase one console or can’t afford buying all four of them.

For this blog, I’m going to purposely ignore avid gamers or those with unyielding loyalty to a certain brand. These people probably already possess the knowledge to make purchasing decisions. This blog is mainly aimed for those that aren’t too sure what to pick up this coming year.

When it comes to picking up a next gen console, the number one factor that most average people tend to look at is the price. Whichever console comes out the cheapest is the one they’ll usually end up picking up. However it’s not the best way to purchase what could be a life-time console until the next one pops up. So here’s some basic tips to help you decide.


The number one factor that needs to be considered is the games that will appear on that platform. As you know, all consoles this year are likely to receive third-party support (like Fortnite being on PS4 and Xbox), however what distinguishes these consoles from its competition are the in-house games, aka, first party games. Knowing what games are planned for each consoles, or what studios are under which consoles names is important when choosing a console. For example, Playstation consoles are usual the home to Japanese RPG games while the Xbox usually houses the sports games, so knowing that info and what interests you as a player or the person you’re buying the console for is important.

Nintendo usually is known for the family friendly console, however as of late, they’ve housed some really matured games and have gone from the “this is a kids console” to “wanna play console games on the go?” strategy. Many at first underestimated the idea of having a hybrid console but as results have shown, there is a huge market for it. I can testify to this. PC’s are for the really enthusiast of gaming. You won’t get the first-party games like Mario or the Last of Us, but every game that lands on that platform is vastly superior to anything you’ll find from even the most powerful consoles.

If things go according to how many have predicted, we should see three new consoles launch this year, these are: the PS5, Xbox Series X & Nintendo Switch Pro! The Nintendo Switch Pro is still up for debate but the former two are guaranteed. So here’s the main question, which of these new next gen consoles should you pick up. If you asked any gamer right now what they’re getting, a good portion would either say PS5 or Switch Pro! Xbox is usually left out of the discussion due to their piss poor performance over the last four years, boasting the least exclusives.

Image from TechRadar!

However, I will say that Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, and the engineering teams responsible for gaming at Microsoft have made some moves, rebranding Microsoft Studious to Xbox Game Studios and acquiring 13 game studios, all expected to produce first-party exclusive titles. So seeing what they’ll announce is key for decision making.

If you ask me right now, I’d personally believe the best console for the buck is the PS5. It’s somewhat the middle-ground in the gaming space, balanced in all ways. Good library of quality games, healthy online community if that’s your thing, great power under the hood and usually decently priced for a newly released console. And it’s the safest bet for the most option in games. The second option is the Nintendo Switch Pro. The only reason it’s not first is one, is because most likely won’t be as powerful as the PS5 or the Xbox. If the Switch Pro really boasts a 4K resolution with a 1080p screen on handheld mode with 60 fps support then you can’t go wrong with that option either. Especially if you’re not a graphic enthusiast and just want to play a fun game.

That’s my take on it. TECHNICALLY, there’s no wrong choice for those with a hefty wallet and you could buy any of these consoles and be happy with them but I thought I’d give an insight as to what you should consider when buying  a next-gen consoles. Look at the games, look at their past track record and place your bets wisely.

If I’m wrong, then let me know what your pick is in the comments below.

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