2020 is the year we should expect to see some news regarding the next mainline installment of the Sonic games, and regardless of what the Sonic Team and Takashi Iizuka or how much they hype up Sonic’s 30th anniversary, we should stay vigilant.

I say this because the last time we were told that a year was Sonic’s big year, we got Sonic Force and Sonic Mania. The latter was fine but it was the former that proved to be a big ol’ disappointment for all Sonic fans. So that’s why I believe that we should stay more vigilant and be more critical of what SEGA will show us this year and next year. As in, we should not see a Green Hill Zone or Classic Sonic in the mainline Sonic Game whatsoever.


New gimmicks are fine by me as long as they don’t hamper the 3D Sonic experience, however, I’ll say this if I see even a single hint of nostalgia gimmick in the mainline Sonic game that’s coming in 2021, know that the game won’t be of any sort of substance. The only exception to that is if Sonic Generation 2, celebrating the 30th anniversary. With that hidden message that was found in that Thank You message that was posted on twitter, it may hint that Sonic is going through a change so let us hope that change is for the better.

Let me know what you guess expect from the new Sonic game if you’re a fan of the blue blur.

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