Wow, the animation for this weeks episode was insane. The visuals and aesthetic of the whole fight between Shinra and Sho was so well done! Fire Force Episode 21 really brought the heat.

We learned a whole lot about the world from Giovanni, who told Obi more about the nature of Adolla Bursts. That parallel between insects and fire, and how the moths are drawn to the flames was a great way to illustrate the connection between the two. Also, this entire time, I’ve gotten the Evangelist all wrong.

At first I thought that the group was called the Evangelist, however it turns out that maybe the leader, the one who’s calling the shot is called the Evangelist. Quite the revelation. The mystery of this world and how the flames came to be is starting to get more and more interesting. I’m also curious to see how Vulcan will save Lisa, seeing as Giovanni has brainwashed her to the point that she now has Stockholm syndrome. 

maxresdefault (93).jpg

However, the best part of this episode came from Shinra vs Sho, now that part was epic. Before that, lets talk about that weird scene with Shinra’s Adolla Burst. I have no idea what this Adolla Burst is all about but that scene was one of the most creepiest (well not really but you know what I mean) shit I’ve seen from this anime. I’m starting to think that this Adolla Burst is perhaps an living entity of sort residing in Shinra and Sho.

Now lets get to the fight, that shit was hype as hell. The choreography was crazy and the way the showcased the fight was creative too. I was surprised that Shinra was able to hold his own for a minute until Sho unlocked his abilities to basically fight in his own universe. I’m guessing he phases through dimensions using the Adolla burst, going into that weird inferno realm that we saw earlier and attacking from there. Shit’s crazy.

Overall, this was a really dope episode and I can’t wait to see how the fight ends and learn more about this Adolla Burst.

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