With YouTube releasing what many have so far dubbed the “laziest Rewind ever”, creators have taken it upon themselves to create their own YouTube Rewind. Now while some were admirable, they too fell flat in my books (I’m a harsh critic), that is until I came across one that really, and I mean REALLY captured the feel of a rewind. It quite honestly should be classified as YouTube Rewind of the Decade, because that’s what it did!

What I liked about this rewind made by JayLaw was that it focused only on the creators and really captured all the important events that took place of the years. From the good, the bad, the sorrow and the bizarre, it had everything. And it was all done exceptionally well.

After seeing JayLaw’s version and going back to the official one, I really think YouTube needs to stop kidding themselves whenever they try to brush some of the things they don’t like under the carpet. YouTube was built by the creators, so it should at least be able to honor them, regardless of what think the advertisers want. Well, that’s enough from me, here’s the video.

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