A trend that I’ve started to notice coming from the East is the heavy investment of MMO’s on mobile devices. Sometimes, they’ll even introduce games that can be played on both PC and mobile phones to try and reel in possible PC gamers who might be open to trying out this new form of MMO. It’s an interesting trend that I’d like to delve deeper into it to see if thats’s something that viable. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the term “MMORPG” on mobile phones, however these new once are developed from the ground up to be full blown “classical” MMO’s that can be experienced on the go.
Games such Gran Saga, Project TL & Genshin Impact are but a handful of many such games that a releasing on both mobile and PC. This sounds pretty innovative on paper and could be what the MMO scene needs to revitalise the genre, ensuring that the online community is always populated with players, but one has to question the practicality of it. Meaning, is it going to be fun to play on a screen? I did say once upon a time that I felt the Nintendo Switch would be the next step for MMO’s in my The Nintendo Switch Could Be The Next Home For Future MMO/MMORPGs & The Savior Of The MMO/MMORPG Genre!, however I was mostly saying this because the devices has button, things that give you feedback.


Visually, there’s no denying that these games all look amazing, probably some of the most stunning ones to be releasing next year or so. However, the main concern that I have is the obvious waterdown control layout of these games and how intuitive they’ll be when playing online on a screen. I’ll be honest, despite the negatives that I’ve listed above, I still feel like this might yield potential if these games can deliver in terms of content, and not just on their looks alone. Maybe these great looking games might be enough for the East players but if they ever plan to expand to the West, they’ll need more substance. I actually discussed it a bit more casually in the video below so be sure to check it out.

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