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FREE GUY Starring Ryan Reynolds Looks Fun!

Free Guy is an action-comedy about a bank teller who discovers he is a background character in an open world video game called Free City that will soon go offline. So basically we’re following the life of an NPC in GTA Online, and honestly it looks like a fun movie to watch.

Here’s the premise:

In the open world video game Free City, an amalgamation of Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite, Guy (Reynolds) is a non-player character, working as a bank teller. Thanks to code developed by programmers Milly (Comer) and Keys (Keery) inserted into Free City by the publisher Antoine (Waititi), Guy becomes aware of his world being a video game, and takes steps to make himself the hero, creating a race against time to save the game before the developers can shut it down.

I really don’t have much on an expectation for this film but it does look fun so I’ll watch it when it comes out. I’m also expecting a lot of Easter eggs and pop culture references from this one too.


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