Sorry for the late review, I’ve…shit I won’t lie, I just haven’t been motivated for a bit. However, we’re here now so let’s get right into it shall we? Fire Force Episode 19 – Into the Nether starts off with Licht’s analysis of the attack on Vulcan’s workshop, which revealed that the Evangelist’s men have been in the “Nether,” the area beneath Tokyo. 

We also got a brief moment of Shinra having one of those moments where he could sense danger, this time one aimed Iris, after that we haven’t seen much of it.

Things really picked up for the most part when they got separated by the enemies and had to face off against members of the Evangelists. Maki’s fight was short but impressive nonetheless. Her new mecha arms can really pack a punch and she handled herself really well, bodying all of those guys with no issues. However, there’s no way you can tell me she didn’t kill anyone because those punches looked lethal as all hell.

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Now for Tamaki’s part, which has caused quite the stir online. Last time Tamaki was on the scene, her “fan service” was given a slight pass. However, now I have to say, she’s killing the epic vibe and destroyed what little of character progression she could have gotten had she just fought the bullet guy to the best of her abilities. It was funny how they won but I’m hoping she gets actually character development because her abilities would be dope if mastered.

I get she has that Lucky Lecher Lure thing but her fan service is becoming rather tasteless. Like, I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any fan service at all, what I’m saying is that maybe during serious fights, that Lucky Lecher Lure shit takes a backseat and comes back during chill moments. Also, when did Iris become so dense. I had always assumed she was very keen and smart. She’s lowkey was on the same level as Arthur with that bullshit.

Aside from that, the episode for the most part was solid. We got even more lore about the world and how humans are somewhat living in mini colonies to avoid the outside world, which has been inhabited by monsters. I can’t wait the next episode though, cause you know Shinra and Arthurs fight will be just as Maki’s.

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