The sentimentality of this whole episode was an unexpected one but still a welcomed addition Dr. STONE Episode 22.

To be quite honest, there really wasn’t much to discuss in this episode plotwise. It was however, an interesting scenario of seeing Magma joining the team, however just as many of us had suspected, Magma had moved on. I had thought that the guy would still plot against Senku sometime in the future but I was wrong. He got some good character development.

Now, the guy’s more interested in seeing all the technological and scientific stuff that Senku will bring to this Stone age. I also liked how Senku explained that the world isn’t truly run by “twigs” alone, and it took everyone of all shapes and sizes to build the world we know of today. Both “twigs” and “meatheads” were necessary for society to prosper, something we all know too well.


Aside from that, we learned that Gen had secretly remembered Senku’s birthday and wanted to surprise him by building an observatory. You can tell how Senku has impacted both Gen and Magma in different ways, and how that gift has affected him. Honestly, I really enjoyed this episode. Very sentimental, and it works well, despite not necessarily needed.

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