At G-STAR 2019, Pearl Abyss unveiled three new games: Plan 8, Crimson Desert, and DokeV. I’ll be honest, I don’t care much for the last game, however Plan 8 and Crimson Desert do look very interesting, with Plan 8 standing out as the most unique one.

Plan 8 is a new “exosuit MMO’ developed by Counter-Strike co-creator Minh Le and Black Desert Online environment art director Seungki Lee. There’s literally no other information out there aside from the trailer that they posted but from what I could gather, it seems players will have to manufacture exo-suits to deal with the onslaughts of machine creatures terrorizing the island. Now, yes the game is said to be a MMO but seeing tas we’re trapped on an island, I’m guessing it’s more of an survival MMO than the traditional MMO’s. Still it does look dope and I am interested in learning more about it in the coming future.

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The other game that peaked my interesting was Crimson Desert. This one has been rumored for quite some time now, with speculations ranging from a sequel to Black Desert to a brand new MMO set in yet another fantasy medieval period. Designed by Jason Jung, former game designer for RYL Online, Crimson Desert was in fact originally a spinoff of Black Desert but eventually became its own independent project. This time around, you’ll be exploring  the fictional continent of Pywel, and take control of mercenaries as they try and “survive” the hostile environment. The game did showcase a main character named Macduff so it is still unclear just what makes this game an MMO as normally the idea is that you create your own character.

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As for the last game, I’ll be honest I really couldn’t care less for it but I’ll talk about for you guys. DokeV seems to be an MMORPG that combines elements of Pokemon and open-world MMOs. In fact, the only other game that comes to mind when I look at DokeV, is an upcoming game by the name of TemTem, look it up. The two games share similarities with one another.

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So let me know which of these games you’re more hyped for? For me, it’s that Plan 8 game.

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