I literally talked about this last week, that in order for these guys to get stronger, there needs to be some type of training. Not only did we get that, we also got an even more deeper understand of how pyrokinesis work in that world.

Konro proposes that Shinra and Arthur be given combat training in Asakusa to improve their fighting skills. It’s here that we learn more about how one controls their pyrokinesis. Shinmon trains them in this, with the guidance of Licht, who introduces them to the idea of jet propulsion and tells them the effects of compressing the flames in one spot to increase its power. It actually makes sense and I personally have thought about it myself. We also learned about a fighting style known as tenkata, a fighting technique that harnesses a person’s chi or ki using hand gestures.


In Shinra’s case, he’s going to be using the Tora Hishigi, which honestly isn’t the coolest looking one but it seems to get the job done. This is what I’ve been waiting for to see in this anime, a training arc of sort to show us progress in strength and speed. And with how this new technique is going to be increasing Shinra’s speed,  and with the addition of us seeing what a high level fights will look like thanks to Sho and Joker, you know shit’s about to hit the fans real quick and I can’t wait.

Speaking of Joker, I wonder what his relation is with Licht as both of them seem to be on the same path, both aiming to improve Shinra for their own goals. I can’t wait to see what their plan is going to be in all of this. I’m guessing that there a whole other faction, who’s agenda may even be for the greater good of society. Here’s what I’m thinking. With the Fire Force being an official sector, there’s too much room from information to slip right back to the Evangelist. So Joker is part of a faction that’s underground working against the Evangelist but still helping as much as they can without revealing too much of their agenda.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this weeks episode.

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