In terms of new innovations and discovery, there’s plenty of that in this episode of Dr. STONE Episode 21 – Spartan Crafts Club however, plot-wise it can be argued that there’s not much headway been made, in my opinion.

Senku and the rest of the gang have made a lot of progress in building a phone in this episode, making hydroelectricity, light-bulbs and even a vacuum tubes. All of it is interesting as always to watch and learn. What I found most surprising is how this guy has the time to goof off and make lightbulbs for Christmas when there’s an enemy ready to wipe them out come Spring. I don’t know, I guess if I were in his shoes, I’d focus all resource on just achieving the set goal. Still, it was nice to see and that episode would have hit a lot harder had it launched near Christmas time.


Now, the new goal to ensure that the Vacuum tube works is to find the material needed to make that tungsten, which is able to withstand the heat. And that resource is called Scheelite, once again learning something new about our world through Dr. Stone. I had no idea that there was a gemstone in this world that reacts to the ultra-violent rays that makes it glow like that. I thought that part was super cool. Overall, now they’re going deep into the caves to find more of that stuff, so that should be interesting to see. Especially with Magma tagging along.

Overall, it was a good, wholesome episode.

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