So I guess I was wrong then, it seems the item was in fact hidden inside that toy thing that Vulcan crated to show off all those animals that went extinct. Not exactly the best place to hid some of that value. Aside from that, the introduction of Sho and seeing his abilities in Fire Force Episode 17 was really dope.

If there’s one thing I really enjoy seeing in Fire Force, it’s the rush downs when Shinra’s trying to save his friends. Those fight scenes always end up looking pretty cool. However, despite his skills both Shinra and Arthur were no match for Sho, who bodied them rather easily. Despite Arthur being able to see Sho’s movement, he still got sliced up.


Which got me wondering, is it possible for the people with flame powers to power up and get stronger, because from what we’ve been seeing, we haven’t seen them actually train to improve their powers or technique. That’s the only way I see them catching up to Sho’s powers. Not only him but Joker as well, who seems to be able to go toe to toe with Sho. Speaking of the Joker, his agenda is still unclear to me. I don’t think he’s a good guy necessary, but maybe understands more about this Sol being and what the Adolla Burst is all about, which could mean that he’s waiting for Shinra’s powers to mature for him to take it.

Overall, we do see them finally bringing Vulcan to the team, although not in the best of circumstances. Not much happens in the episode worth talking about but it was an OK episode in my books.

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