I think Dr. STONE Episode 20 was great for two reasons, one it highlights how human’s create inventions from inspiration around them and two, we got memes. Yes, Senku’s dad did not fail us and passed down one of modern man’s most valuable creation.

Chrome having that moment of inspiration is the foundation of all civilization. He looked around his world, took in all that he had experienced, was faced with an obstacle and realized that there’s an more efficient way to do something. That is how ideas are born. Had he never experienced Senku making that gear, he’d probably wouldn’t have had the need to come up with the Waterwheel in the first place. This highlights the importance of travelling and learning new things from other people. We grow only when we’re exposed to new things.

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I also like what they’ve been doing with Senku’s character. Despite he’s super smarts, he still doesn’t view anyone as a true enemy. That kindness that he showed Homaru will go a long way to eventually bringing here to his side, if that’s even possible, seeing as the girl is loyal to Hyoga. Either way, that small act of kindness give us a greater look into Senku’s personality as a whole.

Aside from that, we know that they got six months to build this communication device, and with Tsukasa also anticipating an attack from Senku in spring, it really now comes down to whether Senku will succeed. I like how both sides are thinking like one another, coming to terms on the same thing, making this war between them that more interesting.

Overall, I just hope this six months gap won’t take too long to pass, I wanna see how this whole thing will unfold.

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