See, this is what I meant in my last review. You really can’t trust anyone in this show. Fire Force is really starting to feel like the Assassin’s Creed game, where anyone might be a Templar in hiding. This is also why I said to not underestimate Arthur, he’s well hiding something.

Joking aside, Arthur held his own when fighting against those Evangelist guys, apparently his power grows the more he believes that he’s a knight. It’s an odd thing for sure, but now that we know how his power works, when Vulcan does join the team, they should build him a custom knight armour set that “amplify” his fighting potential. I still think Arthur is hiding something for sure. That idiot persona has to be a ruse to get everyone to let his guard down. I refuse to believe someone’s that dumb in this show. 


This episode also took a surprising turn for Vulcan as we learned that Giovanni is planning on killing the guy. I knew the guy was with the Evangelist, however what I wasn’t expecting was for Lisa to be an undercover spy, looking for this key that Vulcan’s family have safeguarded from the Evangelists. It’s these types of plot twist that make Fire Force fun to watch.

This Giovanni guy, after taking down Shinra, went wild on Vulcan. That scene of him beating the shit out Vulcan while uttering the same line over and over again was crazy. I also wasn’t expecting him to shoot the kid too. He ain’t playing around. Which makes him that much of a threat.

This is what I enjoy about Fire Force. There’s always a twist to every episode that catches you off guard. Giovanni in his brief moment, became an interesting villain, so it will be intriguing to see how they’ll beat a guy who plans for everything. If I were to guess, I’d say since Arthur is a “bona fide” idiot, he’ll end up being the ace that’ll cause Giovanni to lose his cool, since everyone knows you can’t predict what an idiot will do next. I also think Lisa will end up betraying Giovanni too at some point. She will be the key here to win. Speaking of keys, I’m also willing to bet that the key that they’re looking for is actually a metaphor, probably Vulcan himself is that “key”, that why he doesn’t know about it. I doubt his father or grandfather would neglect to tell him about such an important item that involves the Amaterasu.

Overall, really good episode, I can’t wait to see more.

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