Well, this episode really gets you thinking huh? Not gonna lie, Tsukasa made some rather compelling points when you start to think about it in Dr. STONE Episode 19, however, it may not be all that easy like he makes it sound.

Now it is admirable that Senku is trying to bring humanity back to modern civilization, but you gotta admit that despite Tsukasa crazy mindset of not reviving old people, he does make some rather interesting point on how out world should turned out. From the way he’s looking at the world, I’m guessing Tsukasa is envisioning a socialist world, or a vague version of it in which the land belongs to everyone and no one man should own it. Whether that’s the right way to go about it in a new world is up for debate but I feel like a lot of people will vibe with Tsukasa’s viewpoint. 


Aside from that, things really took off with Hyoga’s attack, as it turns out that his frontal assault was but a mere distraction for one of his followers to raze the village, forcing the inhabitants to flee into the open, something I called out in my last review. I still think that despite its perceived safety, the village has way too many blind-spots and too few warriors to protect it. And now that Tsukasa knows that Senku is alive, he’s going to send an army to that village to completely demolish it.

Senku’s plan to attack first was logically their only option, given that they lack the manpower to defend their turf. However, I am really interested to see how telecommunication will help them out and the strategy they’ll implement. Yes, it will give them the advantage, but as Tsukasa’s followers have demonstrated, they’re quick to adapt, well the handful of them that have names.

Not only that, Senku may be smart when it comes to science, but I doubt that he has the knowledge when it comes to the art of war. So what I think may happen is either they’ll revive someone who knows how to tactically maneuver units on the battlefield or one of the villagers will suddenly discover that they’re good at playing commander. Or I could be wrong and Senku will easily fill the role of commander himself. Overall, at least we’re getting an all out war so it should be interesting to see how it pans out.



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