Huh, I never realized that all the animals in Fire Force had gone extinct. It’s always interesting to learn more about this world and its inhabitant. Fire Force Episode 15 has us following Shinra trying to recruit a blacksmith for Company 8th who’s apparently a genius.

Viktor Licht, a forensic scientist from Haijima was assigned to Company 8. The guy’s obviously has that “I’m suspect as fuck” look to his face so you know shit will go down soon enough. The more we learn about the nuances of Fire Force, the more I’m starting to think that the Evangelist may not be the only ones who’s plotting for world domination. There’s so much conspiracy going on here and it seems like everyone might be an enemy at this point. For all we know the Haijima might be part of the Evangelist, or the Evangelist may have infiltrated every nook and cranny of Fire Force. I know Viktoe comes across as an obvious villian but I hope they pull a twist and it turns out he’s actually a good guy and the one we least expect ends up betraying them. I can’t wait to see all this unfolds.

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Anyways, Obi sends Shinra, Arthur and Iris to speak to a man named Vulcan about joining the 8th as its engineer. The guy says no, and explains that his father and grandfather had a rule about working with Haijima, which surprising, the other member, his mentor broke the rule  when the Vulcan’s dad and granddad turned in infernal, leading him distrusting the Fire Force. From what I gathered, the member of that group that Vulcan said left for Haijima was the Company 3’s captain. And now, some how Shinra is able to sense the bloodlust from him as he ordered for the death of Vulcan. So it’s predictable that Vulcan will join the team once Shinra saves him. That, and the intro kinda spoiled it so there’s that. Overall, it was good episode.

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