I have to say, Gen is slowly becoming my favorite character in Dr. Stone and a key player to the success of today war against the Kingdom of Might in Dr. STONE Episode 18.

Tsukasa wasted no time sending his army to attack Senku’s village and quite frankly I was surprised to see people who looked like they are in their 30’s. I thought Tsukasa wasn’t going to be reviving anyone that’s already an adult. Unless this anime is about to tell me that those guys are teenagers, which I won’t be accepting. I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures and I don’t blame him either.

Senku is a worthy opponent and underestimating him can prove fatal. Anyways, we got introduced to a new character called Hyoga, who even Gen was saying is just as dangerous as Tsukasa. And judging by perception skills, he’s just as deadly. Not to mention, it seems he too was able to craft his own unique weapon, the Kudayrai. The concept behind this weapon is actually pretty cool, using a bamboo tube to make the spear spin while striking making it hard to predict.


However, Gen for me was the highlight of the episode. I underestimated his cunning ability and manipulation skills. Don’t get me wrong, I knew he was on Senku’s team the entire time, but how he played his role was amazing. Now that we know what the Kingdom of Science is up against,  I think Senku will need to switch gear and start reviving people of his own because as it stands, he is vastly outnumbered and out-powered. Or the villagers will have to be moved to a new location, even though the current one is well situated in which the only way to get in is through the bridge. However it’s only a matter of time till Tsukasa or Hyoga find a way to bypass it.

I was also surprised to see Senku opting to make Katana’s but after thinking about it and with the explanation that Senku provided, it made sense why he chose that weapon to combat the thugs that attacked the village. Overall, things have finally picked up pace and I can’t wait to see how each Kingdom will react now that both are aware of each other’s capabilities.


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