You know, just yesterday I praised the game for its epic and immersive story-telling, now I’m here to point out flaws and deception on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the hypocrisy that many have shown in defence of this game. History is always told by the victors of war and so, manipulation of it is a sin that cannot be forgiven. And this game isn’t helping with it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare basically had rewritten a real event in world history in which players are told that the Highway of Death was the result of a devastating Russian attack that happened decades ago, where Russian forces massacred everyone fleeing from a town under siege. When in fact, the “real” Highway of Death was the fault of American and Western forces in IraqThis, and the continuing portrayal of Americans being the good guy, while Russians are the bad guys has being a tale as old as the first CoD.

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When I picked up this game, I was led to believe that Call of Duty Modern Warfare was going to keep it real and really show us what happens in war by the countries involved. Showing the atrocities that are committed on both sides, that the perception we have about certain countries are lies and that there are no good guys in war. However, what I learned is that, despite the fact that they did show us what happens in war, they also used it as a propaganda tool to me America look like te moral warriors on the battlefield. They manipulated history once again. A history that if you weren’t keen enough to pick up on, you wouldn’t have questioned it. I didn’t!

Not only that, what puts the icing on this fraudulent cake, is the people defending this blatant lie, saying that this game is a “work of fiction“, claiming that people are taking it too seriously and that games aren’t always historically accurate. Well, that is odd? I could’ve sworn Battlefield was basically crucified for having a woman with a mechanical arm as the lead and many cried that this is “disrespecting the men who fought in the war and a mockery of history”. You guys remember that? I do! Look, I’m annoyed that they flipped the roles in this war event, I wished they kept it real and truthful but at least people are aware of it. However, what I wish is that people would stop being hypocrites and keep that same energy they had for Battlefield for CoD.

Anyways, that’s my thoughts on it. Let me know what you guys think? I ain’t saying the Russians are saints, but neither are the Americans.

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