Right, in this Fire Force Episode 14 we learned a lot more about Shinra’s ability and how it connects with the infernal. Also, Beni is a beast and the best fire solider out there that we’ve seen thus far in this anime.As Asakusa burns around them, Konro had to once again encourage Benimaru to step into his role as a community leader. Now, they never explained in my opinion why Benimaru had been so reluctant to take the role. At first, I thought it was just that he felt like he wasn’t worthy of the role but I kept getting thrown off by how natural he makes the role look. Of course, they made it clear that he looked up to Konro a lot but I guess maybe he just felt guilty for not being there when that first demon attacked that he never felt worthy but I’m glad he got over that.


Benimaru then devises a way for the townspeople to foil the designs of the impostors among the crowd. And that is by telling everyone to fight each other. I thought that was funny to see everyone more than happy to beat each other up. Now the fight against the demon infernal was the best opportunity we got to see Beni’s flex his abilities. We’ve been told he’s the mightiest, but seeing it in action definitely helped. Now lets talk about that SCENE of Shinra legs turning into skeletons, which was wild.

I really liked how that scene was portrayed it and gave us a little bit of information as to what this Adolla Burst might be. I’m guessing Shinra and his younger brother were experiments of some kind and have inherited the source of all the flames in Shnira’s world. It’s either that or reincarnation. Not only that but Shnira seems to also be connected to other fire-user aside from the infernals so this Adolla Burst might be like a source that connects everyone, like a hive kinda thing. Hopefully we’ll learn about it soon.


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