Well, that was one hell of an episode. Even though Byakuya isn’t the biological father of Senku, that guy has easily won father of the millennium, hands down. I don’t think you’ll find a more dedicated dad in anime after watching Dr. STONE Episode 17.

I have to say that episode was unexpectedly sad. I mean, I knew they’d die eventually but I hadn’t expected them to die at such a young age. I guess simple sickness can be deadly when you don’t have access to the medicine we take for granted today.

I gotta give Byakuya credit here, even though he praises his son for his genius, the guy is extremely smart in his own right. I mean the odds for his Hundred Tales to reach Senku from South America to Japan is astronomically, with no chance in sight in succeeding, yet somehow, his plans worked. His faith in his son proved to be a winning bet.

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Now that Senku understands everything his father has done for him, it was nice to see him shed a tear for his old man. Not only that, despite his calm attitude, I think the episode also showed that Senku was terrified while petrified, probably fearing the fact that he may never see his father again, or anything for that matter. With the village now explained, we now finally move on to the war that has been hinted at since Tsukasa built his empire.

Lets see how Byakuya’s gift to Senku fairs in comparison to the Tsukasa’s might. Aside from that though, I do want to talk about that green-light that petrified humanity. That circular thing that was shown behind the Earth seemed like something alien to me. I doubt humanity at that period in time can create something that large. At first I thought it was just the glare of the ray or the moon looking extra thicc for no reason, but the more I think about it, the more it actually looks like something that was hovering above the Earth. Let me know what you guys think?

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