Joker, despite its infamous reputation with the media, is honestly a work of art. I’ve recently been talking about the movie with some friends and thinking more about what each scene meant, and of course the one scene that has had everyone puzzled, including myself, was the last scene with the Joker back at what looks to be an asylum. At first glance, with all the delusions that Arthur experienced, it was one that left people wondering if the events in the movie actually happened. Well, I think I may have figured out what that last scene meant. I may not be the only one, but when it clicked to me, I had to share it.

In that last scene with the Joker, Arthur was talking to a psychiatrist of sort, who was asking him about what was so funny, to which we see the scene cut to young Bruce standing over the bodies of his parents, and the scene  then cutting back to him saying “you wouldn’t get it”. The scene then moves to Arthur walking out of the room, down a corridor with blood stains in his shoes. Out of all the stuff that happens in that scene, the blood-stained shoes was the most bizarre thing, as there wasn’t any blood on his body. Due to the nature of that scene, this has lead people to believing that Joker never actually escaped the asylum but instead imagined it all while being in captive. However, I believe that the last scene was most likely was a real scene.


My theory is that was we saw was a time skip of a new furnished Arkam Asylum, and Arthur was just recalling everything that had happened, without actually talking to the lady in the room. The reason why I think this to be the case is the fact that when Arthur went to Arkam State Hospital as it was called at the time of the movie, when the place was rundown. As we saw Arthur make a getaway with the documents of his mother’s diagnosis, the hallway in that scene looked old and rundown. However, the hallways that Arthur was walking in the last scene looked brand new and polished. This lead me to believe that Arthur was recalling the events that took place in the movie.

This would also explain something else. Since we were seeing a flashback of everything that the Joker witnessed and went through, it wouldn’t be too fetched to assume that the Joker could have manipulated some of his memories as the movie goes on. He has been known to do that in the comics. Either way, however way the event went down, we know for sure that Arthur’s action had huge ramification in the real world, so the idea of him imagining all that stuff up just wouldn’t have made any sense. Now in what time period that scene was set in is anyone’s guess. It could in a time that the Batman is active and Arthur is recalling how he created him, but there’s no way the Joker would even have knowledge of this. Unless he finds out from the Batman, after fighting and being put in the Asylum.

So, what do you think of this theory of mine? Does it make sense, do you agree? Let me know in the comments below.

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