It’s been a minute but we’re finally back with season 4 of My Hero Academia Episode 65. I skipped the last episode because it was more or less just a recap, so episode 65 is where we’ll start.

This is the arc where shit really hits the fan. Overhaul, the new villain for this arc already looks promising as he points out the flaws in Tomura Shigaraki way of doing things. Also his ability is crazy OP, from what we saw, just a touch alone forced people to blow up.

And they didn’t hesitate in showing us just how prepared Overhaul can be in different situation. It’s going to be interesting to see how things will shape up in the coming season. What I did like about this episode is how they’ve set up Deku’s resolve to become a hero. He’s experience has lead him to decide on becoming a hero that nobody has to worry about, as opposed to his usual responds on being like All Might. He’s beginning to take shape to becoming his own hero which is great to see.


Deku on the other-hand is working on getting his work study jumpstarted and tries to get All Might to introduce him to Night Eye. All Might surprisingly refuses to introduce him to his old side-kick and comes up with a bunch of reason why, one of which been that he’s ashamed to face his old friend in his current state.

Now I’ll admit, this episode was kinda slow paced. As in, not much happened that’s noteworthy to point out. All Might got Togata to introduce Deku to Night Eye and the episode ends with Deku trying to make him laugh. It’s the next episode where things should pick up and they’ll will be more to discuss. However, for now at least the groundwork has been set up. I can’t wait to see how this whole thing unfolds.

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