Man! I don’t usually keep up with the Boruto anime (reading the manga currently), but episode 129 showed something that I didn’t know I needed but now grateful, which is Boruto meeting up with Naruto when he was a child. However, I won’t be addressing the actual episode itself, but more so the aesthetic of the episode and how it highlights the stark difference between the original Naruto anime and the new Boruto anime.

While I was watching the episode, I couldn’t help but realize just how different the two shows were from one another. It was the first time I realized how static and bland Boruto’s animation were compared to the original Naruto anime. It’s hard to put it into words exactly but when you watch Naruto, in every scene, you can feel the emotion and the characters come to life on screen. The movement are natural and flow nicely in my opinion. There’s more vibrancy to it. I promise you, I’m not some nostalgic fanboy trying to shit on the new shows, I just never realized it until Naruto, Sakura and the rest of the old cast showed up on screen. There’s something off about seeing a young Naruto animated with the new aesthetic of the Boruto anime.


It made me realize how rigged anime actually is in comparison to the original anime. While Boruto has the vibrant colours and sharp clean look, it falls short when it comes to the liveliness of Naruto’s anime. I guess it could be that because of Boruto high quality, it doesn’t have room to express itself as well as Naruto’s anime was able to do in the past. Then again, this is a running trend with a lot of these upcoming TV shows, both on the west and east. Still, it did hit the feels when Naruto started asking questions about himself to Boruto without realizing it. Anyways, that’s just an observation I made while watching this new episode. URASHIKI DID GOOD!

Let me know how you felt about episode 65 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

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