So they really about end the episode without showing us what that white-clad Evangelist turned into after eating that bug? Nah, Fire Force Episode 13 did us dirty.

This episode was insane. Chaos breaks out after dozens of cases of mistaken identity crop up, and the town’s people turn on each other. The White-Clad used that as their opportunity to attack the 8th. Arthur of all people was the first to deduce that the little girl was actually a tiny old man. I’m telling you, while everyone think Arthur is dumb, that guy is hiding something. I don’t what it is but he’s not who they think he is! Watch him pull some Aizen from Bleach shit later on down the line. Joking aside, Arthur does feel like he’s a lot smarter than his friends give him credit.


This though lead to both Shinra AND Arthur to team up against the white-clad to try and take them down. I think this is the first time they’ve worked together as their synergy was all over the place. Still, once they got their shit together, the fight scene was pretty dope and they even got the upper hand at some point. That’s until the white-clad guy decided to pop a bug to power up. If I were a betting man, I’d say he’s going to turn into  a beast of a demon in the next episode. So I’m looking forward to that for sure as you know the fight scene is going to be crazy.

Overall, great episide.

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