Man, I totally called it when I said that the village and Ruri knowing who Senku was all thanks to his Dad leaving some type of legacy behind in my last review. Now, in Dr. STONE Episode 16, we got to learn more about Senku’s dad and his own dreams.

Seeing Senku and Byakuya have that father-son bond was endearing. It’s also funny to learn that it was thanks to Senku’s determination to help his father achieve his dreams that Byakuya was able to pass his swimming test. I also found it funny to see how different both of these character are from one another. While Senku is more focused and streamlined, Byakuya Ishigami is more care-free and laid back however both of them still shared an interest in science. I think if there is anything to take away from this episode is two things: support your child’s dream and in return they will  support you back when they get a chance to and, it’s never too late to achieve whatever it is that you want in life.

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The other characters introduced in the episode where pretty cool, and I assume that the singer, Lillian Weinberg must be the ancestors of Ruri and Kohaku. I mean, they couldn’t have made it more obvious.

Actually, speaking of the two girls, Senku made an interesting comment about their genetic make-up. Senku made a statement that both Kokahu and Ruri had “foreign blood” in them. I didn’t quite understand what he meant by it. Is he saying their blood doesn’t match to the blood types commonly known to man? As in they have new types not yet discovered? Hopefully that’s explained in the next episode. Overall, I thought this episode was great. It really explain how humanity managed to survive the green ray and how the village got its name. However, when you start to think about how six people where able to repopulate an entire village, that’s when you hit that snag that no one wants to touch on. It’s anime, so lets leave it at that.

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