With the continuing rise of SJW’s, crazy progressive changes in our games, comics and movies, labeling everyone that opposes those changes or viewpoints as evil, we need to highlight a growing concern that I’ve noticed within this (geek) community. And that is the rise of the Anti-SJWs! The crusade of labeling anything and everything new as SJW, when in fact they simply just don’t like it or can’t present a compelling argument for why it’s actually bad.

It’s kinda ironic when you actually think about it. Just like how SJW’s see everything as misogynistic, sexist, racist or everything bad under the sun in old media without a solid reason, Anti-SJW’s who may have prided themselves as rebels to this movement, have now in fact become the very thing they hated. Seeing every change or something new as feminist, socially progressive or forced multiculturalism in their games, comics and movies/tv has misguided them and are now not better than their enemies.

I’ve been observing this behaviour for sometime, and have even caught myself calling something SJW, when in actuality it’s genuinely not FORCED progressive at all. This is a direct response to how SJW’s have been forcing their changes with no substance, and so in turn to fight against this people, they have adopted this “everything that’s out of the ordinary is SJW agenda“, making new ideas that are genuinely about telling a good story feel the unjustified brute of their crusade. It ends up just everyone fighting everyone and nothing is truly accomplished.


I think it’s important to really check yourself and asked yourself whether your opinion on something hasn’t been influenced by what you’ve seen on the internet. It’s obvious that there are some people who are hiding behind the anti-sjw crusade in order to voice their true wicked opinions, such as a guy who actually hates women claiming a new show to be feminist when in fact it’s probably isn’t! When something is actually offensive, but they’ll deny it and say you’re being “soft” in an effort to cause genuine offence! Or someone who’s actually racist voicing their disdain for a new character, not because the character is poorly written or is a token, but purely because they do not like that ethnicity/race! These are broad examples but I hope it illustrates what I’m trying to say.

We gotta be careful and learn to truly judge a media, product or anything entertainment with an unbiased view or as unbiasedly as humanely possible. It’s difficult to do so in an age where politics are literally shoved in our faces but nothing is ever easy that’s worth doing. Trust me, I’ve being vocal about SJW agendas over the past few months now, but now I gotta call out this Anti-SJW behaviour. Everything in life, balance is vital! Someone has to become the Avatar, right?

Let me know what you guys think?


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